The matter was settled at last after many twists and turns

I already mentioned big issue happen from customer. I had a meeting every night for 1~2 hours with related team. Not find out root cause until yesterday because the issue related team face a new type of issue. The matter was settled at last after many trials plus we find why the issue leakage. please see below process when changing inspected machine’s program.

Explain issue case

When new machine by 2nd supplier modify their program, Nobody follow up this true then directly share changing program to factory so Factory worker didn’t know the new machine’s operation method, they only check whether function is normal or not. While I follow up this issue, learn from something.

First, Share change point in time.

When new machine set up as same time implement EC process, this issue was not occurred. This mean is that If responsibility team share information in time, factory member already applied the new operating method. when you worked on new project, sharing in time is very important.

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Second, Don’t blame someone

While holing a meeting, some department team argue each other because they think It is not responsibility and sometimes they blame responsibility team’s member, To be honest, We would like to reach same goal which solve issue. so Please don’t blame someone because they also doesn’t know the root cause until solve issue.

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By using these two ways of discussion, people can helped colleague not only complement issue but also support customer. In addition, when I share this information how to deal with issue, they were able to save their time, because some worker is like beating their head against a wall here.

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