Tell us about my history why I decide to join Handal community

I want to share with you what I experience for last over 10 years and why I decide to join Handal community. When I was university student, My major was electronic engineering at the same time, felt that It didn’t need to use English skill because most students including me were focused on their major subject instead of using English that they couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

After I entered the company, I began to struggle because my department assigned the oversee quality team so It need to speak English in order to communicate the branch office people. while working with breach office person, We always have to keep trying, but sometimes the feeling was that one is banging one’s head against a brick wall because there was not good well English communication. From now on I try to improve English skill although study method was survive since there was not partner before joining Handal community. anyway I reply your question

First question What made you join Handal ?

Frankly speaking, I try to write one post a day to improve English skill but fail to do in writing one post a day because Nobody check my schedule and I had a lot of work from now on. This month, I see Handal medium advertisement which have to write one post a day, so feel that It need to do new challenge moreover big opportunity to get good fellow coming from Handal. Anyway I would like to write one post a day with Handal medium member.

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Second What do you do and what interests you ?

My goal is most people find happiness. My Medium member write one post a day, It feel those is the happiest days of my life.

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In Handal, What kind of change and network are you look for ?

Frankly speaking, I afraid write English post a day because my grammar is not good and writing one post a day for 30 days is not easy way to do alone. However I strongly believe that my Handal Medium member will achieve goal so I also follow up with Medium member.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

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Enjoy my life

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