Have You Ever Acted Like a”KKondae” Yourself?

I discuss with English study member about “KKondae” culture, because A major channel in the UK, reporting on Korea’s so-called “KKondae” culture. I would like get the study member’ opinions about “KKondae” I thought about what other culture people doesn’t know “KKondae”culture. KKondae refer to someone who believer they are always right and others are always wrong.

These people are always try to lecture people as like boss. they also try to impose their political view on others. they often say thing like “ Junior in company have no manner” and make too much of etiquette. Even though These people doesn’t understand each people’s culture.

Why Oldest people prefers to “KKondae” culture. The KKondae mentality is created by authoritarianism and a sense of entitlement. Another case is a misguided version of Confucian culture that emphasizes seniority and age.This culture of vertical relationships is a major factor in setting back a healthy team dynamic.

However, study member think kkondae culture will be changed. Because most company switched a telecommuted system, each generation in company don’t gather the same company place for long time.

Photo by Aaron Greenwood on Unsplash

Frankly speaking, kkondae culture is associated with Korea each generation difference in Korea society. As telecommuted system is operated, kkondae culture disappear. In my opinions, I have to prove what I have done during telecommuted system. Sitting for a long time is not recognized for one’s ability as telecommuted system.

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