High school students dreamed of studying at a college in China, so they began preparing in earnest to study abroad. these days, COVID 19 broken out from China. and the virus spread like wildfire all over the world. there was massive damage. their desire to study in China started to fade.

So, many high student changed course and decided to apply to college in Australia. they started tuning in to “CNN” on Youtube everyday as well as they also prepared for the IELTS test to get score on that test to apply.

I interview young students who like to studying overseas. they hope that COVID-19 will be brought under control quickly, so that they can study at the college of their choice in Australia.

More and more Korean investor are investing in the U.S stock market. For the U.S stock market, Investor often have to do their information gathering in English to learn about companies or the market. Of course, these are news channels or YouTube channels where experts throw light on U.S. stocks…

These day, I wan to study hard because I have an exam which is very hard to pass. I consider what do I mean by study hard

1. What do I mean by “study hard”?

Actually it is not very difficult to “study hard” if I really want to do it. however, first let’s check if I am…

I went through a lot of trial and error trying to study English. and then, I joined a group for reading English books in their original language. Now, reading books in English every day is like a short in arm for me.

The member try to choose an English by themselves. After they read the books in a group chatroom. We can share our result in whatever we read result. some people record themselves reading aloud. others write book reports.

By studying English together this way, I was able to break free from the pressure of English studies. I fell like studying English is becoming more of a habit than a study routine.

The flu is an unwelcome guest every winter. It’s completely different from the common cold. Major flu symptoms are similar to cold symptoms. They include a high fever, headaches, coughing, chills, and a runny nose. However, the symptoms are so severe. a patient can experience unbearable pain. For patients with…

I studied with English member about companions animals. These days, when I go for a walk, I see a lot of people walking their dog. sometimes I am jealous of people who can walk with their companions animals because I never have a companions animals. …

Baek Jong Won said “Reduce the number of menus”. I thought about what I really want to do every morning. I currently write 20 on to-do list and choose 5 priorities. I shouldn’t look at other 15 things until I complete the Top 5. Although there are so many kinds of menus in my life, I have more choices to use later than my current needs. The same concept not only applies to products but also to things like work, thoughts, and relationship. The typical phenomenon is “survival abandonment” in 2020 because of COVID-19. Most companies switched to remote working, so workers have stay at home for a long time. In the end, they throw away useless products.

Marco Min

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