4 Tip for how to increase speed in your workplace.

Worker always dispute which one is on their list of priorities between speed and quality in workplace. In my case, I’d better to focus on speed than quality in workplace. However worker perform a balancing act every day : It consist of finding a way to have a productive workplace without sacrificing quality.

I would like to feedback to you to working smarter and instituting strategies to help them make the most of your workday will benefit your matter. Here are some simple method to increase both speed and quality in your workplace base on experience.

First Have a regular breaks

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Second, Focus on one thing not implement multitasking

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Third Don’t confuse quality with perfection

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Final Speed and quality are easier to accomplish when you have the right people

Some worker are focusing on the quality for achieve perfection. However, Speed and timing are very important in workplace base on my experience. because you make a mistake, you can easy revise something If your speed is very fast. so I recommend whenever you are working, please considering your working speed than quality



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