2 Selling Techniques That will improve How you sell

Many students apply for sales team when they graduate from college, because they really have any fantasy at that time, they thought the sales is flower of the company however some people sell the a mount of products base on their strategy. I will post the 2 selling techniques that will improve how you sell.

  1. Understand the product perfectly

Sometime I observer salesmen couldn’t explain the product contents to customer and they also shared the wrong product specification to customer, then defect happen after 3~4 months later. when issue happen, customer don’t believe your company action. If sales people don’t show the confidence, your sales volume will be reduced. I thought the sales team need to understand the product perfectly to explain customer.

2. Use the face to face meeting

Many companies are expanding inside sales teams. inside sales team conduct more than half of their sales call in non-face-to-face environments. It can save overall cost for company and productivity gain. However It can get the virtual barrier between seller and buyer. In a face-to-face meeting, you likely have your prospect’s full attentions. While you are holding the face to face meeting, you want to know what they can be offered.

I explain the basic 2 tip for sell the production well, base on basic 2 tips, you would like to be good at sales worker.

Enjoy my life